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Santo Tomás Educational System

Santo Tomas is a system of higher education with nationwide presence and over 38 years of service in the field of academia.

Mission and Vision

Santo Tomás – Higher Education


Educate individuals with a level of preparation and values such that will enable them to perform and contribute honestly, efficiently and with quality and social accountability to the development of their family and community.


To be recognized as a prestigious educational institution based on Christian values, committed to its students and providing equal opportunities to access education, with national coverage and international aspirations, offering quality educational projects at all levels of the education system.

National Presence

Santo Tomas is a system of higher education with nationwide presence and 40 years of service in the field of academia. Its campuses are located in 19 cities throughout Chile – 14 University campuses and 22 Colleges and Vocational Training Centers.

Founded in 1975, it is academically and administratively autonomous from the Council of Higher Education and is certified by the National Accreditation Commission of Chile.

At present, Santo Tomás is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the country, recognized by its academic excellence.

Educational System

Santo Tomás has more than 90,000 students and over 105,000 have graduated from its branches from Arica to Punta Arenas, at all higher education levels: University, College (IP) and Vocational Education Centers (CFT). Its hallmarks are:

  • Fair access to higher learning, with particular concern to facilitate social mobility among its graduates
  • Excellent technical and professional development oriented to an adequate insertion into the workforce
  • Significant emphasis on the comprehensive development of its students (knowledge, skills, attitudes, values), based on the principles and values of the Christian tradition
  • Efficient institutional management to offer the best balance between quality and price
  • Welcoming atmosphere for its students, with directors, professors and officers well aware of their duty to provide adequate service
  • Countrywide coverage, facilitating student travel between the different centers
  • Possibility for career continuity between the various institutions, thereby facilitating ongoing education for its graduates
  • International Engagement

Universidad Santo Tomás

UST is a private university established in 1988. It presently has 14 campuses from Arica to Puerto Montt, offering 28 professional careers, in addition to individual specialized courses, graduate and master’s degrees.

Data for 2015

Student body29.000
Academic Corps4.500

Santo Tomás in Professional and Vocational Studies

Santo Tomás is an acknowledged leader in higher vocational and professional education, present countrywide through 22 centers from Arica to Punta Arenas.

At its Vocational Center, Santo Tomás offers 33 vocational careers (lasting two years plus one semester of internship practice), and its Professional Institute offers 38 professional careers (lasting four years).

Data for 2015

Student body58.000
Academic Corps5.300

Accredited Quality

Quality management systems

Santo Tomas promotes and safeguards quality. In its commitment toward teaching and learning, it works for the education of competent and socially accountable professionals endowed with a global vision and with the principles and values inherent to the Christian tradition.


The University, Professional Institute and the Vocational Center are accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (CAN), which is in charge of ensuring the quality of education in Chile. In addition, its university, professional and technical careers are being accredited by the national accreditation Agencies.