Santo Tomás Antofagasta

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are the natural continuation of all undergraduate programs taught at Universidad Santo Tomás.

They are an ensemble of theoretical and practical teachings aimed at enhancing the knowledge acquired at the undergraduate level, in order to deepen academic, professional and research training in specific areas of knowledge. This assists in improving the comprehensive education of individuals and meeting the present and future demands placed by society.

School of Business Administration

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master in Accounting and Auditing
  • Master in Tax Assessment and Management
  • Master in International Business Administration

School of Science

  • Master in Environmental Management – Double Degree with Universidad Católica de Avila, España
  • Master in Neurolearning and Update in Science – major in Biology-Chemistry/ Physics-Mathematics

School of Social Sciences

  • Master in Family and Society
  • Master in Clinical psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Master in Educational Psychology, Major in Participative Assessment and Creative Talent
  • Master in Family and Community Health (joint program with the School of Health)
  • Master in Comprehensive Early Childhood Care

School of Law

  • Master in Criminal Law
  • Master in Public Law

School of Education

  • Master in Education, Major in School Board Administration
  • Master in Education, Major in Inclusive Management

School of Natural Resources and Veterinary Medicine

  • Master in Veterinary Sciences, Major in Companion Animals
  • Master in Productive Ruminant Medicine
  • Master in Pathology of Aquatic Organisms
  • Master in Aquaculture: Production, Management and Innovation
  • Master in Veterinary Sciences, Major in Medicine and Equine Clinic

School of Health

  • Master in Molecular Diagnostics for Clinical Laboratory Applications and Research
  • Master in Interdisciplinary Gerontology
  • Master in Phonoaudiology, Major in Communication disorders in adults
  • Master in Management and Quality in Health
  • Master in Community and Family Health