Santo Tomas, thinking about those who it has educated over its more than 40 years of existence, developed the ALUMNI area, to generate and maintain close ties with our graduates nationwide.

Over 105.000 technicians and professionals have received an education in our study halls throughout the country. They have become imbued with our values and will also be the medium to consolidate us as a tool for social networking, strengthening their sense of belonging to their alma mater.

Learning about their professional development, interests and concerns, and their field of expertise, will allow us to consolidate an information and feedback area to further career advancement, both in the field of training as well as in the continuity of graduate studies.

Alumni Circle

The Santo Tomas Alumni Circle is the area responsible for maintaining and strengthening the link between the graduates and Santo Tomás. As this area focuses on the concept of employability, it has developed several courses and diplomas so that graduates can develop soft skills, in order to enhance their professional and personal development.